Report Date: 06/10/2015

Research Pedigree - 5 Generation
Prince Of Poms Ncis Ziva Dahveed

Name: Prince Of Poms Ncis Ziva Dahveed
AKC #: TS207064/01 Breed/Variety: Pomeranian
Birth Date: 03/29/2014 Sex: Female
Colors/Markings: Black & Tan
Breeder(s): Dawn Presley

Prince Of Poms Ncis Ziva Dahveed
Black & Tan
Master Snickerdoodle Doo
TR965335/02 06-11
Black & Tan White Markings
AKC DNA #V716894
Hellsapopin Backseat Bentley
TR677395/03 10-09
AKC DNA #V627820
Amore' Hellsapopin O Colbyco
TP321304/03 02-05
Red Sable
AKC DNA #V358294
Colbycs Play-N-A Wild Card
TR001634/01 03-03
Red Sable
AKC DNA #V328207
Velvetouch Sparklin Black Gem
TN346741/01 08-97
Black & Tan
AKC DNA #V150129
Colbyco's Touch Of Velvet
TP047736/01 04-02
Red Sable
Colbycos Exotic Sweetnsassy
TR001632/01 03-03
Cream Sable
Mercer's Exotic Sombrero
TN224688/01 02-97
AKC DNA #V90643
Stone's Sexy Sassy
TN448728/01 02-98
Amore's Princess Of Legacy
TR049425/01 11-05
Orange Sable
Legacy's Dillinger O' Rol'n Del
TP138967/02 06-02
AKC DNA #V225286
CH Rol 'N Del's Pretty Boy Floyd
TN722912/02 01-00
AKC DNA #V94412
Legacy's Exotic Hialeah
TN855427/02 05-01
Edna's Lil' Dixie Of Rol'n Del
TN480527/03 10-98
Rosewood's Sunmark Sensation
TM920760/01 04-94
AKC DNA #V94409
Rol'n Del's Sassy Pizzaz
TM915310/01 06-94
Visions Garden Parti
TP301443/02 05-04
Red Parti-Color
Beau James Showcase The Blues
TO002279/01 12-01
Blue & Tan Parti-Color
AKC DNA #V161097
Lilygap The Bee's Knees
TN412054/03 06-98
Cream Parti-Color
AKC DNA #V161888
Wee Hearts A Patchy Kid
TN190060/04 09-96
Orange Parti-Color
Guitar's Polka Dottie
TN194247/01 10-96
Blue Parti-Color
Beau James Beauty Pageant Parti
TN750105/02 05-00
Red Parti-Color
Lilygap The Bee's Knees
TN412054/03 06-98
Cream Parti-Color
AKC DNA #V161888
Beau James Sable Intrigue
TN379868/02 12-97
Orange Sable
Dreamtime Rock'n Ri've
TN679118/02 10-02
Orange Sable
Wee Heart's Phoenix Rising
TN471123/01 07-98
Black & Tan
AKC DNA #V176838
Wee Heart's Color Guard
TM795597/01 11-93
Orange Sable White Markings
AKC DNA #V101645
Wee Hearts Plan N A Parti
TM976186/03 09-94
Orange Sable
Star Haven's Rock'n Ramona
TM777117/01 03-94
Orange Sable
CH Star Haven's Rock N James Brown
TD344241 05-92
Great Elms Charlene Of Lenette
TC727711 10-88
Black & Tan
Lt's White Diamond
TR933606/01 11-12
Lightnin' N Thunder At Pomridge
TR603770/02 03-09
Black & Tan
AKC DNA #V607373
Royal Tee K-Bo's Trouble Tyme
TR235393/02 09-05
Black & Tan
AKC DNA #V370228
Royal Tee Psalms Of Lenette
TR042742/01 02-04
AKC DNA #V296774
CH Clairmont's Max In Carolina
TM823253/01 12-96
AKC DNA #V105986
Sarah Of Lenette
TP211785/01 11-02
Royal Tee's Mid Life Crisis
TR102317/03 07-04
Heathers Levi Jeans
TP138281/02 10-02
Black & Tan
AKC DNA #V256354
Royal-Tee Razzle Dazzle Doll
TP005527/01 01-02
Dojo's Nadia
TP304371/01 11-04
Orange Sable
Bambi Johnna's Bambi Boy
TN501973/01 03-00
Orange Sable
AKC DNA #V223993
Smith's Murdock
TN178177/03 10-96
Orange Sable
Paschals Snugle Cuddle Bear
TM518294/01 06-93
Wolf Sable
Dojo's Princess Fire
TP169497/01 11-02
Angelland's Wellington Tutt
TN793004/01 11-00
Orange Sable
Midget Bambie Mist Lacroy
TN821227/03 04-00
Orange Sable
Pomkins D'Vyne D'Zyne F'Ntasy-F'Dge Merle
TR531448/05 02-08
Chocolate Merle Parti-Color
Wild West Merled Blue Bullet
TR416530/02 10-06
Blue Merle
Cjm's Marble Fudge D-Lite
TR112055/04 02-05
Chocolate Merle
AKC DNA #V416731
Arcadians Master Design
TP218959/02 01-03
Red Merle & White
AKC DNA #V257093
Cjm's Sweet Lil' Mini Mouse
TR032396/03 07-03
Chocolate White Markings
Pepper's Dalight
TP049395/02 09-01
Black & Tan
Pepper's Prince Lightning
TN626748/01 03-99
AKC DNA #V100956
Little Miss Dax
TN549721/02 01-00
Cream Sable
Cr Tumbleweed Of Powderpuff
TR055235/01 10-04
Chocolate Parti-Color
Wee Hearts Matrix Of Zanara
TN816071/01 10-00
Black Parti-Color
AKC DNA #V197220
Wee Hearts Skippa Spot
TN364441/01 04-98
Chocolate Parti-Color
AKC DNA #V101682
Excelsior's Silky Panda Bear
TM839060/01 04-94
Black White Markings
Powder Puffs Hersey's Kiss
TP136945/01 06-02
Zanara's Lakota Outlaw
TN816074/02 10-00
Cream Parti-Color
AKC DNA #V146071
Julie's Prissy Bear
TN447931/03 09-99

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