Prince Of Poms©

Located in Warfordsburg, Pennsylvania.

My name is Dawn and I am a small reputable breeder of Pomeranian's. I breed  AKC REGISTERED Pomeranian's only. Prince was my first Pomeranian in 2004, and became my little best friend. I couldn't have just one though, So I bought my little girl Diamond in 2010 to start my breeding program. Prince is my baby, but was not used for breeding. My site is named in Prince's honor. I started my Pom breeding program in late 2011. I bred Pit Bulls from 1997 till 2002 but left because of the bad rep the breed got and did not want my babies ending up in the wrong hands and being mistreated. All my babies are raised in my home and loved and played with everyday! My dogs are my kids and thats how they are treated and expected to be treated by the new owners. My goal is to provide healthy, happy, well socialized puppies within the breed standard, to loving homes and to Show and exhibit Poms in the show ring. I am a legal registered business in the state of Pennsylvania and I strive to provide wonderful, happy, healthy pets, so Pom lovers do not have to support pet stores, and puppy mills that only care about money and the mass production of puppies!! Often these dogs are isolated, unhealthy, malnourished and in filthy conditions kept in small crates all day! Anyone is welcome to come see my kennels and how they are raised! I will sell to other approved small breeders. If you have more than 10 breeing dogs then I no longer consider you a SMALL breeder and I will not sell you a dog unless you are an established show breeder. I will do a kennel inspection before hand as well that must meet my approvel. NO PET STORES, BROKERS, OR PUPPY MILLS ALLOWED EVER!!

Proud member of the American Pomeranian Club and the Pomeranian Club of Greater Baltimore!