I ____________________________wish to put a deposit of $500.00 on a Prince of Poms© puppy/dog, who is temporarily named ________________________. This deposit is to hold the above stated puppy/dog, and means that the puppy is spoken for, and will not be offered for sale to any other customer. I will be paying by (circle one) Cash or Check

          I fully understand that if I am not able to complete the payment for the puppy/dog in full by the time the dog is ready to leave,* or by the time the puppy is 10 weeks of age, my deposit will be surrendered to Prince Of Poms© and the puppy will be offered to the next person on the Prince Of Poms© waiting list. DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. In the case that Prince of Poms cancels the sale or if in the unfortunate circumstance that puppy dies, then deposit will be returned to buyer.

    (All puppies that are spoken for will leave by the time they are 10 weeks of age, unless otherwise discussed between Prince Of Poms© & the buyer, or if the puppy is determined unready to leave by Prince Of Poms© )

     Buyer Signature: _______________________________

     Name: (Print Please) _____________________________

     Address: ____________________________________


     Color(s) of Dog/Puppy: _____________________________

     Sex of Dog/Puppy: ________

     Sire of Dog/Puppy:_________________________________________

     Dam of Dog/Puppy:________________________________________

     Remaining Balance Due:_______________


     E-mail : ___________________________________

     Seller Signature:____________________________ Date:________


* If purchasing an adult, full amount is due exactly 2 weeks after the deposit is made.

Cash on delivery Check 10 days in advance
Cash, Check 10 days in advance