What our puppy parents say about us!



Adopting a puppy from Prince of Poms was wonderful. Our puppy girl has adjusted so well and easily to the routines of our home. She is happy, healthy, playful, social ... a true joy! 
Prince of Poms puppies are lovingly cared for and nurtured from the very beginning of their lives. Dawn and Sean are loving , ethical breeders who want the best for each of the puppies. We are so thankful to have a Prince of Poms puppy in our family and hope to welcome another Prince of Poms puppy in the near future. 

Michael and Tina Shank

                                 CASEY ELIZABETH IN PA.

    My partner and I started looking for a Pom puppy several months ago. After talking with 5 or so different breeders it was clear within minutes that Prince of Poms was different from the rest. Pomeranians are not just a business here, but a passion. Dawn and Sean are loving, intelligent, and devoted to what they do. Their laid back personalities made them extremely easy to work with and we are completely in love with our new fur baby!! If you are looking for a Pomeranian look no further, this is the place you need!! You will definitely receive a high quality service that exceeds expectation in every way.



I'm so grateful I found Dawn and Sean. All their pups are gorgeous, healthy, and well cared for. I got my little baby Asti from here and they are wonderful to work with! Had an answer to every question I asked. Thank you so much 



Getting a puppy from the Prince of Poms was nothing short of a fantastic experience. From the minute we found Dawn and Prince of Poms we knew we had to have one of those adorable Pomeranians. From the start, and we mean the start, Dawn kept us in the loop of what was going on with the puppies, from the minute they were born we knew what was going on with those 2 adorable puppies. From weekly photos, to facebook messages, we knew that our potential puppy was happy and healthy. Dawn keeps such a close eye on those pups you could expect nothing less. Our phone interview was a breeze, as Dawn just wants a loving home for all her pups. We went to pick up our new little ball of fur and got to meet all her beautiful pups, each as happy and healthy as the little guy we took home. Thank you Dawn for breeding and raising such perfect pups, Prince of Poms made getting our new family pet such a wonderful experience. Tyson (now Beau) is loved as much as ever!

Patti Underwood in Pa.



Dawn and Sean are the best! They are loving breeders and their puppies are very special. The pups are raised in their home with playrooms, nursery and mom by their side. Our new little girl, Jewel, is sweet, healthy and happy. She adjusted to our home right away. Dawn sent us pictures and videos each week until our new baby was ready to bring home. So glad we found Prince of Poms and that Dawn picked us to be Jewel's new family! When we lost our little Pom a few months ago we were so sad....now we are happy again!! Thank you Dawn and Sean. 

Dawn DiGiovanni  in Pa.

I started my search for local Pomeranian breeders after my beautiful Sammi, also a Pomeranian died. I loved how professional Dawn was from the very beginning of the process. After accepting me as a suitable forever home for one of her puppies (Oreo), she was so great with keeping me updated on his growth and playtime with his siblings and mother week after week which made the wait for bringing him home much easier! When I arrived at her home to pick him up, I got to see all of her dogs and how beautiful, healthy, and happy they all were. It was a great experience and I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a beautiful bundle of joy like my new baby! I hope to be getting another baby someday in the future from Dawn and her husband Sean. Thank you for years of happiness!

From Amy Wright-Karle in Md. 


"We have our sweet Black and Tan, Mystic from Prince of Poms. Dawn and her husband are true Pom lovers, they breed beautiful Pomeranians and will answer any questions any time, even months later. We just went on vacation for a week and they kept Mystic for us at their home, loved him like he was still their own, and refused to let me give them any money for watching him. AND they gave him a bath, a trim, and cut his nails while he was there and bought him a new toy and treat. Definitely a great small Pom breeder who I would very highly recommend."

From Saleheh in Va.


"I tracked Dawn for a year before I got our precious puppy from her. She is ethical, responsible and caring. She treats all the puppies with so much love. The puppies stay with their mom and other puppies when they grow up. My little Blue is a happy, energetic and more importantly healthy puppy. He brightens my day with his kisses and silliness. I have to mention that I appreciate Dawn even more after I went through a horrible experience with another breeder. Dawn posts pictures of her puppies all the time and you know how they are being treated. I waited a year for my perfect puppy and I don't regret it :) 
You have to know that if you want a great puppy, you need to find the right breeder and wait for her to have new litters. Good breeders are rare and in high demand."

From Sharon Duttry in Pa.


"What can I say about Dawn and Sean that has not already been said. I love these two people. They brought laughter and love from a furbaby back in to my life. His name was Blitz and he is now called Gunner. I am so in love with this beautiful baby. From the moment he was born 8/10/16, Dawn and Sean kept me updated on his progress and his antics. Dawn went the extra mile by having mama Gia sleep on a blanket so that when her little boy Gunner came to live with me he brought a part of his Mommy with him. Dawn made sure he was use to household sounds, baths and yes the dreaded hairdryer so he wouldn't be frightened in his new home. We are about to celebrate our first Christmas together and I am so grateful to have this happy, healthy, bouncy and loving little man in my life. Merry Christmas Grammy Dawn and Grampy Sean love Gunner and his mommy Sharon."

From Patricia Whaley in NJ.


"I cannot send enough Luv to Jasmine and Kody and Sean and Dawn for blessing us and sharing with us their FurBBs, previously named Ginger and Ace and now named Lacy and Jake. I have bombarded Dawn & Sean with more phone calls, emails & PMs then most breeders should ever have to endure, LOL, they have always happily and eagerly answered all my questions and never once complained, EVER!!! The FurBBs were Puppy Pad trained and with Excellent Social Development. Although I was aware of the weekly Photo Shoots, I would get surprise Videos & Photos in my IM every couple of days, and all I can say is "What a Great Way to Start My Mornings!!! There are two words that we can never say enough. Thank You!"



I followed Prince of Poms and talked with Dawn off and on for quite some time before I was able to find Mercy (who is the perfect fit for our family). Dawn and her husband Sean are truly amazing with their Poms and their clients. I wanted Mercy from the time I laid eyes on her but it didn't look like it was going to work out for us to get Mercy because Dawn was thinking about keeping Mercy with them. Then the day came and she asked if I was really interested in having her. Their dogs are all well taken care of, healthy and most of all "loved" like they are never going to be going to another home soon. This is what I love most about them! When I took Mercy home the day my daughter and I picked her up, Dawn and Sean were truly heartbroken saying goodbye to her. These are the kind of people who should breed dogs and I thank the lord we have people like you! Thank you both from the bottom of my heart for my girl!

From Susan Wain in Pa.


 " I can not say enough good things about Dawn and her husband Sean. I looked at many Pomeranian breeders, and Dawn stood out as the best of the best. She only breeds very healthy dogs in order to have very healthy puppies. She is an experienced and knowledgeable breeder who will answer all of your questions promptly.

    Her Dams and Sires are her own personal babies that live in the house with the family. Each Dam has her own whelping box and cared for as if they were keeping them all.

     Dawn is very organized and their home and puppy boxes are neat and tidy. The puppies are all healty and happy. They are well socialized and never ignored. It was such a relief for me to know how well these puppies are cared for before they go to their forever homes. I couldn't be happier with my choise of breeder and my new girl Serenity (now named Maggie).

     Saying thank you is not enough for all that they do for their dogs and clients. They are now family."

From Elaine and Steve Herring in Pa.


"Since we brought these babies into our home, they have slept all night 
without making a peep ... from 10:00 pm to 5:30 am. Well, thinking back, 
the very first night took a little getting acclimated and now they are happy 
to settle in for a peaceful night's sleep. That's tremendous - who could wish for more than that? Both pups are doing great in every way, they seem happy and well adjusted, ... affection and kisses are abundant!  Honestly, I couldn't ask for better babies from a better home. Dawn, thank you for giving them the best start in life. We are thankful for your heart toward these precious Poms. We almost decided against making a purchase from a breeder located 2 1/2 hours away. But after speaking with you and understanding how you love and care for your fur babies ... I couldn't support a less ethical breeder just because they were closer or sold for a cheaper price. I did contact one local breeder before I called you. The man was very nice, but he didn't know anything about the Pomeranian that he had advertised to sell, not even the name of the puppy.

I was heartbroken after my Trixie passed and needed to find a worthy female companion to fill our home with the love only a puppy can provide.  "Carmel" was the only female in the litter and just three weeks old when my neighbor spotted the ad on PetFind. After spending some time on the phone with Dawn, I knew she was the type of breeder I was hoping to find. Dawn was willing to hold Caramel until the next day, giving my husband and I time to decide if we wanted to place a deposit on the puppy or wait until the pups were five weeks old and visit. We didn't want to take a chance that Caramel would be purchased by someone else, so we put a deposit on her that evening.

What followed was unexpected kindness and generosity that is indescribable ... almost every day, Dawn would send me a picture of Caramel or a text message to let me know she had uploaded a new video on her website!  It cannot be put into words how her many acts of kindness touched the heaviness and sadness in my heart. Not only did it help me begin to heal after the loss of my precious Trixie, it helped introduce me to the sweet little ball of fluff that would be joining our family. I literally had a connection to my new little baby and was able to watch her grow from 3 weeks of age.  Who else would do that for a person they had never met?

The day finally came when Caramel, Moose, and Jet were 5 weeks old and were allowed to have visitors. All that Dawn asked of us was that we not stop at any other kennel or breeder on our way to her home and that we sanitize our hands before we handled the puppies. As Caramel's new owner, I was thrilled that she had high standards and was willing to protect the health of my puppy. We were excited to spend some time with the litter and meet Kody and Icey.  It was hard to walk away from Caramel that day, but I knew she still needed her momma and siblings.  On our way home that day, and for several days afterward, our entire family couldn't stop talking about Moose!  A few days passed and I texted Dawn to ask if she offered discounts to families that adopt two pups...she was delighted to keep Caramel and Moose together and did, in fact, help us with a generous discount.  We began counting down the days until we were able to bring our little gal and her brother to their new home.  Preparing the house for their arrival, I wanted to have everything I needed.  Upon request, Dawn sent me a list.  I knew I would need a crate and I asked Dawn if I should buy one or two.  She explained that two would be best, if one potties in the crate, the other would be offended. I asked Dawn if I could have two crates shipped to her home so that when I brought the pups home with me, the crate would have a familiar scent which might help to make a smoother transition.  Dawn took this one step farther and had Icey lay on the fleece liner so her scent would comfort the puppies that first night away from their mommy. Again, I ask the question, who does that for people? If you are looking for a quality Pom, from an ethical hobby breeder who keeps these sweet babies right inside her home, look no further. You will be pleased with every aspect of the adoption process and blessed by a family-raised Pom that is well socialized,loving, happy and comfortable household noises (a blender / vacuum cleaner). Feel free to contact me if I 
can provide any additional details. I highly recommend Prince of Poms -- no one gives their puppies more love and attention than Dawn Presley."

From Gee Yun Choi in Md.


"Such a good looking and sweet puppies! We got our puppy last week from Dawn and she's been great.She was always willing to help us out when we had questions. I visited her house to check out the most recent litter and then to pick up our puppy. We were very impressed that her place is so so clean with 8+ puppies/ dogs! All her dogs looked very happy and full of energy. We could feel that she truly cares and loves all her puppies. Highly recommended!"